Christina A. Sharik


Christina A. Sharik: The Cab DriverI have to take the cab these days
just to work, one way-
my husband picks me up
at the end of the work day.

This morning was so different
I was glued to the TV
with ash and fire and screams
that will always stay with me.

I had to call the cab
when it was time to leave
and when he came to get me,
I could tell he couldn’t believe

all that had just happened
so swift and suddenly
and then I saw him shaking
as he softly talked to me.

At first, I was just nervous
and then realized his age,
He said that he was angry
and was really in a rage.

And then it dawned on me
he might have been a vet
so I mentioned who I was
He said he’d seen me on the net.

When we got to work, he
walked around,
He opened up my door –
he thanked me for my writing
I said “I wish I could do more.”

I paid him and I turned away
and then turned back again,
I said “Welcome Home”
and shook his hand.

At first he seemed surprised,
and then he bowed his head,
at my gesture and my words,
I asked are you ok, and
this is what I heard:

I’m fine, he said, I’ll truck along
We’re the finest country yet,
But thank you for that welcome home
for a shaken old Vietnam vet.