Christina A. Sharik


Someone’s bigger picture has
a glass without a frame –
Someone’s bigger picture
is a subject with no name…
Lots of little photographs
make up the solemn whole
and all the little soldiers
have lost a little soul:

… and Someone’s bigger picture
is never seen quite clearly
for the glass was badly shattered
and the price was paid
quite dearly.

Someone’s bigger picture hangs
shattered on the wall –
never seen by those who posed for it,
broken one and all…
You cannot glue the glass again
you cannot make it right –
you cannot undo death and war –
they cannot now un-fight;

And Someone’s bigger picture
is nothing but a blur
in the lives of those who fought and died
for someone they called “Sir[1]”…

KSU World War II Memorial
Kansas State University’s World War II Memorial honors each of the services on the lower faces of the monument, but the striking part is the dog tag sculpture. It is positioned so a nearby American flag is reflected on the surface of the dog tag.