Christina A. Sharik


Christina A. Sharik: Temple BellsShall we bring the Inquisition back?
Break the spirit on the rack?
We fear what we don’t understand
We’ve become a most intolerant land…

You worship God in your own way,
and for my country, I will pray
that religious freedom (yours and mine)
Can dispel this sad and fearful clime –

So, whatever your choice
wherever you dwell…
A Church, The Mosque
The Temple bell –

In the name of Whatever
you perceive God to be –
I won’t hurt you;
Don’t hurt mine, or me –

A Loving God will answer
to any name you call –
Even if you don’t call
at all

Freedom for All.

Author’s Note: I heard some commentary on the news that the Taliban is thrilled with all our upset over Mosques in this country – we’re doing their advertising free for them: See how intolerant Americans are of Muslims and Islam – See, they are anti-US – we told you so.

Was this country not founded on the principle of Freedom of Religion – that means mine doesn’t have to be yours! One of the worst sorts of persecution was in the name of God – called the Inquisition!