Christina A. Sharik


“Sunlight” by Frank Benson
“Sunlight” by Frank Benson
I looked into his smiling face,
this child with golden hair,
and told this tale of the watch I stood
when his father wasn’t there:

I stood upon a little dune
on sands worn smooth with time;
and put my hand up to my brow
to search the blue skyline…
I was waiting, dear, and watching
for my darling’s ship to come
around the bend and into dock
it was time the men came home.
Every day for those last weeks
I had stood upon that dune
and even in the dark of night
I stood watch by light of moon;
and yet, his ship had not arrived
I was still quite alone
I stood and watched the tide come in
while my love was not at home.
He never came, despite my watch,
But I knew that you were there –
I carried you inside me, dear,
with your dark eyes and golden hair
I still go to that little dune
and face out toward the sea
and wonder where your Father is
and I feel him near to me.