Christina A. Sharik


I felt so blessed
so alive
so filled with pride
to be carrying you
Both of us separate
and yet, as one
your life, son
had just begun.

But then?
The opposite of
all my care
came true
Someone’s child was
hunting you –
They called it “War”
I asked “What for?”
My fear was real
but nothing compared to
what I soon
would feel –

It doesn’t matter how
I got the word
I curse the day, the way
I heard
that you were gone,
not coming back
My world stopped
short and then
turned black.
Then horror was
mingled with
ashen pride –
and I thought
this is a house of
mourning now –
not one, but two
have died.

and “someone’s” child?
Does he think of you
when the nights are dark
and cold?
I think he’ll dream
of you every night of his life –
and I pray he
shall live to
be old.