Christina A. Sharik


This new war seems to
just drag on and on
More mothers and fathers
losing their children ~
Children who were here one moment,
and then gone

There’s a mother
marching near the President’s
Texas ranch
marching, and mourning
the loss of her son
the loss of a family tree branch:

Something about that makes
me angry and sad
Don’t we have to think her
son and ours are lost for a reason
Something has to make it
seem necessary;
now that we near the Autumn season.

Something about her
makes me feel a bit ashamed
Isn’t she proud of him?
And all the others unnamed;
aren’t we proud of them all,
as we move forward, again,
from Summer to Fall?

Then again, my son
hasn’t left yet
although it’s possible he will

The sounds of war and the
photographs and poems
give me no thrill

I think this new War
won’t be ending anytime soon,
and I feel sorrow tonight
as I gaze at the moon…
the same moon that shines
over Gettysburg, China,
Iraq and Saigon,
watching over soldiers
fighting on and on and on…