Christina A. Sharik

[(n.) Habitual silence, or reserve in speaking.]

Please, say something,

don’t punish me by
not speaking

I’m just trying to

It’s just your thoughts
I’m seeking……

Why don’t the warriors
ever talk about the war ~~
keeping their secrets
keeping themselves in check
even after we’ve figured out
that they are not the same
as they were before…

Don’t they know
how closely we would listen,
how much we yearn to know?
Some of them say it’s useless
You CAN’T EVER understand ~~


you didn’t GO.

Saw a man named Ken
in an Internet video

sitting up, chained, in
an orange jumpsuit
saying “Please help me ~
I sense my time is
running out ~~~

Please, Mr. Blair,
say something,
do something………
Help me. Am I what
this war is all about?

But for Mr. Bigley
there were no words

there can be no understanding
there can be no joyous return

Ah, well,
that’s just a bit of what

when we’re Taciturn.

Submitted for the October 2004 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Taciturnity