Christina A. Sharik


I hate my job
I hate this place
I can’t stand lookin’ at the
Top’s ugly face

I’m sittin’ here, and I’m tellin’ ya, Doc
I’d rather go to effen Iraq

You’ve been in a combat
zone before –
you know what it’s like
Somalia, Bosnia
that was war

Yeah, but I don’t give a
rat’s ass anymore
I just don’t care.
Send me, send me, send me there!!!

I hate this place
Gonna hurt someone

Send me to Afghanistan
don’t even need a gun

Send me there with
just a pocket knife

I’m so pissed off
I am the weapon;

I’m not afraid of life.

I’m gonna hurt someone
and it won’t be me

I gotta get outta this place
I’m driving too fast
and this ain’t no race,
Can’t ya see,

Ya gotta get me outta here, doc
send me to anywhere, including Iraq

Turn me loose on
a corner in Baghdad
and I’ll tell them all about the
day I’ve had.