Christina A. Sharik


Christina A. Sharik: RepressedI am Repressed.
I cannot learn,
I cannot work
I cannot teach.
I can be stoned to death
if an inch of flesh
is within someone
else’s reach…

I am an Afghani Woman…
I am a girl
I am covered head to foot…
you don’t know me…
you could not know me…
or how I live
and I don’t know you
or what you have to give…

I wish for help
I have no way to ask…
Please pray for us.
No easy task

I am a girl; I am a woman
who used to be able to dress
the way I wanted –
I am now covered head to toe
You need to know,
Inside I’m me
trying to be free…

If only you could see my eyes
you’d see that they seem haunted.