Christina A. Sharik


Remembering Rwanda
An orphaned Rwandan child; living victim of genocide. 1994
Ah, Rwanda, I mourn for you
your children
your lost families
your dreams

I heard about your
the “choppings”
I felt I could hear
the screams

No one did anything,
as I recall

No one did anything
much at all

Some individuals
did their best

but what about the rest?

The UN soldiers could not shoot
and said they were “peacekeepers”
How do you keep a non-existent

I do not know.
Why didn’t they break or bend the rules?

Well, I am among those
who did nothing

I could say
I didn’t know what to do.
I am not Tutsi
I am not Hutu

I was among the millions
of the world,
who shook our heads so sadly
when we saw the photos
that caused our senses to
reel and swirl

But, tomorrow was another day
and there was nothing we could do or say –

So, I think of you, Rwanda.
You have my prayers today

For your children,
your women and your men
are still not safe, and many
have disappeared, just gone away ~~

For the survivors, the orphans…
the injuries on the outside
are nothing compared to
the injuries inside

So, today I remember you, Rwanda
and the days when so many
of you died.

Author’s Note: Inspired by the movie, “Hotel Rwanda”