Christina A. Sharik


Saddam HusseinSaddam, it’s sad, dam sad;
the way you look is pretty bad –
Imagine, a famous leader like you
hiding in a spider hole, out of view.

Everyone’s a thief in your beady eyes
Now, Saddam, even you must realize
that not everyone’s a thief, and even so,
torture and hangings aren’t the way to go.

Would you judge yourself, as you did them?
Do you still see yourself in the same old light
Or is the light beginning to grow dim?
Old Saddam, you’re a coward; you did not fight
You said I want to “negotiate”
Negotiate what, you reprobate?

You’re a strange and cruel man
and I can’t pretend to comprehend
how you came to be this way
But you will be treated better in the end
than the ones you killed, tortured and maimed

I think a deep hole was the right place for you
I mean, really, Saddam, aren’t you ashamed?
I cannot even pray for you
and I’m sure you wouldn’t want it
You committed unspeakable acts on men
you waved your rifle; your power was flaunted.

Now, if only we can find
Osama Bin Laden – who’s next in line
The two of you could share a cell
and live side by side in a fiery Hell.