Christina A. Sharik


Marriage has no place in the military profession~
so said Napoleon [kind of a strange confession].
If your marriage is strong, it’s tested sorely;
If your marriage is shaky, it might survive, but poorly.
In the military, you can bicker and fight
until you get the word that your soldier
must leave tomorrow night
and you know in your heart, he might not be back.
All the things you fought over are trivial
and those thoughts put you back on track –
and you’re reminded that the love you feel
is never gone; it’s all too real.
The leavings make the returnings special
but human nature being what it is,
things soon get back to day to day routine-
the budget, the kids, the same old scene.
All marriages need a little excitement and spice
to make the reunions extra nice –
A little time apart won’t do any harm
If the love you share is caring and warm
But sometimes someone doesn’t come home
and it puts into perspective love and life
So, day to day, remind yourself
of the love you have for your husband or wife.