Christina A. Sharik


On the Phone, On the FloorHaving spent the night on the
phone, with a Brother who felt alone,
he is drained.
That’s something I understand
but it’s not easily explained.
You listen, and you take the pain
upon yourself, and when the caller
is feeling better, you ache again.
All of your own demons are aroused
and are back to haunt your very soul;
There’s nothing you can do about that.
But your heart is worth much more than Gold.
When you give the gift of listening
when you take the pain they’re giving
then you say you understand and it’ll be all right.
You will need to rest. You’ve done your best.
In your exhaustion, I wish you a dreamless night
your heart will heal, for you are real
and the greatest gift of all, is the ability to feel.

Author’s Note: For Lou “Cal” Klaiber