Christina A. Sharik

Nature And War: Part 1

Sand dunes and sea grass, and mountains and trees
Scarred by the battles, and blessed by the breeze;
The breezes and grasses, the hills and the shore
hear whispers of soldiers, though they are no more.
They’re used to the whispers that come with the wind,
so many bloodied, so many men.
At the moment of death, they imprinted the dune
they fell on the sea grass and bloodied the moon
yet, they are at peace and sing with the trees
when the leaves sway so gently to each velvet breeze.
Sand dunes and sea grass, mountains and trees,
scarred by the battles and blessed by the breeze,
keepers of whispers
and old memories.

Christina A Sharik: Nature And War: Part 1 – Sand Dunes And Sea Grass