Christina A. Sharik


“What’s your connection
with Vietnam?” he asked.

He’d read my poems you see
He wondered what that
terrible time
could have to do with me.

Well, I was the one who waited
when everyone went away

I sent the letters and the words
of good cheer
to people a whole world

My connection seemed to be through words,
through what I had to say
until my husband went
and everything changed
and my whole life
was rearranged.

It was my war;
the war of our land
But no one seemed to understand.

I didn’t ask questions…

I protested once.

Not the men –

the war.

And I would never be the same
as I had been before.

What’s my connection?
Well, where were you back then?

I didn’t do much –
just stayed in touch –
I worried and waited
and prayed.

And I’m proud of
my “connection”
with the brave young men who
fought: the ones
who came home
and the far too many
who stayed.