Christina A. Sharik


Christina and Holocaust Victim Box Car
Christina and Holocaust Victim Box Car
They polled
some voters
in Ohio
about whether
“Race” would be
a factor in yesterday’s
Primary Election.

To my everlasting
sorrow, they said “yes”.
And so begins
the Rejection…

Maybe I am
Maybe, we live
in the 1860s
and not 2008.

If someone’s name
and race
are going to make
us vote for
someone “else”,
because we don’t like
someone’s face ~
why are we in Iraq and
losing our young
people so that those
people can live free,
in a semi-democracy
and have the ability
to vote,
to take a stand…

The word “Ironic”
comes to mind.
So, on that note,
Maybe, the troops need
to come home
and fight for
democracy and
the abolishing
of ignorance
on our own soil,
so that we
can learn to
put color issues
and religious issues
aside ~

I mean,
isn’t this the
reason we
went “over there”…
Isn’t that part
of the reason
that these young
people have died?

is so very expensive.
Let’s not vote
or not vote
because we’re on
the defensive.

Don’t look at color
or gender or age ~
Don’t reject someone
out of hand
because you simply
do not understand!
Become informed.
Don’t hide your
head in the sand.