Christina A. Sharik


Christina A. Sharik: My Father’s KnifeAt 20, my father
was fighting in China
across the Salween River
and the peaks of mountains
steep enough to
make you lose your breath.

At 20, my father
carried a knife
in his boot,
and one day, with
this weapon,
he caused another’s death.

At 23, dad married mom
and settled in a little town.
They had 5 children,
3 boys, 2 girls.
They made a post-war life.

Over the years,
my father’s “things” – his
flags, and silks and
photos were passed to us.
My youngest brother
had the knife.

Years later, our father gone,
and now a father, himself,
with money being tight,
he sold the knife.
His daughter was ill,
and he feared for her life.

Years later, and sick with regret
at the necessity of this, a
search began –
via mail and phone and e-mail
for the man
who purchased this treasure.

To make the saga short,
the knife was found at a gun show.
The man was kind and bought it back
He’d sold it to someone else,
and my brother is grateful
beyond all measure.

The knife was held in my
father’s hand,
And will never leave my
youngest brother’s home again.
An inanimate object
worth nothing much, at all –

Dad would be pleased
to hear this story –
Our memories are worth
untold measure and
I’m glad dad’s knife is
home at last……
something with so much history,
something so small.