Christina A. Sharik


I’m listening to “The Sea” with Rod McKuen
Listened to that over and over the night before
my husband left
Before Vietnam…
If I had known that particular
Winter Midnight
that my life would never be the same
I might have smashed the record.

Now, it’s out on CD –
and they don’t have the Earth and Sky –
the Sea’s two sisters
available to me………

But I remember clearly, his voice,
and how sad I was.

I hear McKuen say “we loved one Sunday”
and my heartstrings draw a little tighter

He slept on while I listened quietly
to my Vietnam One-Nighter…

One-night of The Sea
with my husband sleeping next to me.

Moving right along
I listen to each song

Here’s what I’d like about
a man ~~

I’d like someone who can play Scrabble
who can spell my name correctly;
someone who likes Rod McKuen and
poetry and will read mine –
Someone who likes to hug
and loves animals…

just a few of my favorite things
more important to me than diamond rings

So that’s what I’m thinking about
this Tuesday night
while I listen to the sounds of The Sea
and remember that other evening
in hindsight.

The Poem Prompted The Response, “Musing About Men” ~ ©Copyright December 2, 2004 by Lou J. Klaiber