Christina A. Sharik


My father served in World War II,
Grandfather, World War I –
Your father served in Vietnam
And then I sent you, son –

Off to join the Army
And I was filled with pride –
But I also knew I’d miss you
And when you left I cried.

Well, you’ve been in the Army now
Ten long, eventful years
I’m filled with joy when you come home,
And when you leave, more tears.

You see, when you are “somewhere”
I feel that I’m there, too
In my heart I walk in front
To help you make it through –

I live for calls and letters
I wait for each of those –
And sometimes in the dark of night
I’d like to hold you close –

That’s the sacrifice we make,
We mothers of the sons
Who march with head held high
And carry deadly guns –

For we remember little things
like playing in the sand –
We remember walks in parks
When you would take our hand –

You are the boys we took such care of
The ones we rocked to sleep
Those are the memories we carry
And the ones we need to keep.