Christina A. Sharik


“Angel of Peace” by Laine Gordon
“Angel of Peace” by Laine Gordon
The Earth is in her labor;
her pains have been quite strong,
she is comforted by birdsong
and hopes it isn’t long

before her child is born –
her valleys have been slashed
her sand dunes have been bloodied
where landmines have all splashed…

She has wept the tears with lightning
and she hasn’t time to mourn
for the humans who are dying
while her child tries to be born…

She has sweated rain and thunder
and bled into frozen rime;
she’s been burned and sorely wounded
she has lost all track of time.

At last, she screams with cannon,
and pleads for quick surcease –
Finally, her travail’s over –
and her child is now called