Christina A. Sharik


We each have a Memory Box
made of leather and brass
made of wood or of brocade
or fragile blown glass

Each Memory Box holds
our thoughts of each year
our memories of loved ones
and dreams we held dear

Poets are historians
we write about Life
and dreaming of Peace,
we write about Strife……

Now remember this thought:
and write what you feel
Because Poets write words
of the World and what’s real:

It’s not the Politicians
who keeps the memories alive
It’s John and Jane Doe
who had to survive.

It’s the soldier who served
whose Box is filled to the brim
with nightmares and red mud
and buddies precious to him.

The POW has memories
of guards, pain and chains
and MIA buddies
now known as “Remains”

It’s not the Politicians
who keep the Memories alive
It’s Writers and Poets’ words
that help the Stories survive.

Submitted for the February 2003 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Memory Box