Christina A. Sharik


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry
Awarded: December 12, 2004
Mama, Mama
Can’t you see
What This Army’s
Done to me?

Mama, Mama
Don’t cry tonight
I’ve gotta go,
gonna join the fight!

Mama, Mama
pray for us
We need your prayers
we need your trust.

Mama, Mama
I’ll do well ~
write to me,
while I’m in Hell.

Eye-Rak. Eye-Rak
Mama, I’m
a Soldier Man.

Soldier Son, my son
I will cry
I gave you Life
and you may die

You won’t see
my sad, soft tears
I’ve been brave
for all these years!

Raising you
was left to me
Your daddy left
the family tree

Daddy, Daddy
where were You?
When our dear son
was born, and grew?

Mama, Mama,
don’t be sad
you were both
my Mom and Dad ~

Darling Son
My Soldier Man
Come back, come back
Soon as You can!

I’ll be waiting
I’ll be here
you’re with me
You’re always near.

Mama, Mama
I was shot
I’m not whole;
no, I’m not.

Mama, Mama
can’t you see
what the Army’s
done to me?

Cry for me, Mama
It’s ok
I’ll be home