Christina A. Sharik

Kevin Baker
Kevin Baker was a Gulf War vet who was injured in 1992 – he received severe head trauma and other injuries – and was confined to a wheelchair. He set out in March to ride a special bike through several states carrying the Honor and Remembrance Flag for veterans. Some friends picked him up for an overnight stay one night, and he never woke up. He will be missed.

I didn’t know you well,
I met you on Facebook.
A few lines exchanged,
and then I took a look

at your page, your profile,
that wonderful smile –
Amazed at your courage,
and I liked your style.

So, now you’re in Heaven
and free of all pain;
and though we will miss you,
you are whole, once again.

You’re not on Facebook,
so I’m saying this prayer ~
If you can’t be with us,
I’m happy you’re There.

Author’s Note: For Kevin Baker, Rest In Peace