Christina A. Sharik


Mosque at Kandahar, Afghanistan
Mosque at Kandahar, Afghanistan
In the shadow of the mosque
live the Christians of the land
these Infidels are kept in places
you wouldn’t want to stand.

Each time they go to church to pray
they leave the place, alert,
and never know at end of day
if they’ll be killed, or hurt…

Arrested for the practice of
religion based on love;
in the shadow of the mosques,
God looks sadly from above

And wonders why the mosque and church
cannot just get along –
God is God – the one true God
to whom does He belong?

Allah, God, or other names
He’ll answer to them all –
if, in humble prayer you kneel,
and kindly, on Him call…

The Muezzin, Priest, the Pastor,
all call their flocks to God
to worship where they come together
and follow in the path He trod…

But in the shadows of the mosque
In Islamabad, far from here…
the minority of the country prays
for strength, with hope,
in Fear.