Christina A. Sharik


Well, the young soldier says goodbye to his wife,
farewell to his parents, and the rest of his life;
he’s leaving for war; he’ll be gone for awhile
He boards the airplane with a wave and a smile –

A little bit nervous, and a little bit sad,
not understanding that the life that he had
will soon be so changed that he won’t recognize
his face in the mirror, the man with dark eyes……

He feels invincible; he will come to no harm
He’s young, he is trained, from city and farm;
It will dawn on him one day that war is not fun –
he wishes it over, now that it’s begun.

… after a brief leave back home in the States
he’s boarding the next plane; he stops, and he waits
just briefly, at the very top of the stairs
feeling the fear and asking for prayers…

He disappears at long last, into the plane
and he’s off to the war zone, to Baghdad again,
But, this time he knows what the war’s all about
Ignorance Is Bliss.
Of this, there’s no doubt.