Christina A. Sharik


I did not die,
‘twas not my time
his death I mourn
and wait for mine…

With desperation,
I believed
our fight was right ~
Were we deceived?

I did not die
‘twas not my time
Their deaths I mourn
and wait for mine…

I had to think
our cause was true
Or I could not have
fought and bled with you;

I could not
board the evening train
or hop a bus,
jump on a plane.

We fought our battles
side by side
And I felt we
were justified

in doing what man
does in War
nothing like he’s
done before;

Then, when we’re dead
or burned and maimed
We question “why?”
Our mind does claim

to need an answer ~
Why did I lose an eye, a limb;
why me? Why me,
and why not him?

Ah, Lord, what answer
can You give?
Why did he die?
Why did I live?

A response to the poem, “That’s Why You Did Not Die” – ©Copyright August 9, 2007 by Colin F. Jones