Christina A. Sharik


I believe
in God and Country.

I believe
other people have
the right to be proud
of their God and
their country.

I will not be
I will not think
that “we” are
better than you;

that I am better
than you are

that this planet
is the “only” planet
hung under a star…

that our sun is
the only sun,
that my God and
your God
are so very different

I believe
“God” answers
to whatever
name is called

I believe
in living
and let live

I believe
in trying
to forgive.

I believe
color should
be overlooked

When wounded,
we each bleed red
till we are dead.

I believe in
being open to
to learning
to acknowledging
that being
is not a threat.

I believe
in thinking
things through
long enough
to avoid a knee-jerk
to difference

I believe
Peace is possible,
but not for long.

I believe
that you and I can
get along……

What do you believe?
Am I wrong?