Christina A. Sharik


Christina and son, Michael
Christina and her son, Michael, who retired from the
US Army as a Sergeant First Class in 2009
inspired by your tales of woe,
your willingness to train and go
your love of fellow soldiers
and your willingness to let me know
the way you feel.
Sometimes my words might hurt;
I hope they might
be like a healing balm
a salve to help you heal…
I may be the reminder,
the memory, the one who
triggers thoughts or dreams
Within my heart, I carry all the screams
I want to hug you all –
I want to pick you up
when you start to fall…
It may feel as if I slap you in the face
with verbal and visual images,
my poetic slides,
but you must admit, I don’t
take sides.
I’ll write for the mother of the
enemy, as much as I will weep for you ~
I may present a different point of view –
you may not like me or what I write –
But this much is true:
I AM among the poets
who will memorialize your fathers,
sisters, sons, daughters, your brothers ~
I will think of them and pray for them
at night; and all the others.
You may say well, that’s a lot of
crying –
I say that over the years there’s been a lot of
I will write and pray for not only mine, but yours.
I will write about the times in which
we live –
Someday, in the future, someone
may read my words and learn
about the one you hold most dear.
This is the only gift I have to give.
If you read my words aloud
it’s their voices you may hear.
Today we are at war again
all the young women and all the young men
marching off to unknown fates
walking through the airport gates ~
I started out writing for the veterans
of Vietnam ~~~
almost 40 years later, I’m still writing…
I will carry on as long as they march to and fro
as long as there are soldiers who come and go
for, I AM
a poet…………
Read my words backwards,
from the Now to the Nam
Blessings to you and welcome home…
I AM … Christina…

I am
The Army Mom