Christina A. Sharik


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: December 26, 2004
Awarded: December 26, 2004
I saw you in the airport
as I flew home yesterday ~

walking tall, and somewhat stiff
daring us to say

Hey Soldier Boy
in uniform

have you killed Iraqis yet?

Hey Navy guy
in pristine white

how will you dare forget?

And so I tried to catch
your eye
As you went striding by
I smiled at every one of you
and struggled not to cry

You seem so very young to me
Each one could be my son

I sometimes feel as old as God
when I think of what you’ve done

When I think of where you
might have been,
and where you might yet go

I pray for you, and wish you well
and I want to let you know

that someone noticed, and
was proud
as you went walking by
with your duffle bag
and lettered name

and oh, I had to sigh

You are a man
in certain terms;
and you’ve been far a-field

but I can see the man you are
gently fade, and yield

into the son, the child you are
as you find your mother’s eyes

and she enfolds you in her arms;
and smothers you in sighs ~

Your solitary walk is done
You’re no longer all alone

Merry Christmas, Soldier Boy:
and a hearty Welcome Home.