Christina A. Sharik


We are the Ghosts of Somalia.
Already you have forgotten us –
out of sight, out of mind.

Oh, no, my brave young soldiers
I remember you well,
just as though you were mine.

“Sick at Heart – Somalia” by Sanztineo
“Sick at Heart – Somalia” by Sanztineo

The best title I have ever seen – Good on you

Dear Christina,

I guess a member of your family has been to Somalia as you published on the net. I guess he has a lot of memories to tell about my country Somalia.

Your title makes me to think twice and I like it, in the coming future may be it might helps me to use as a title of a book that I would love to write one-day. But your poem that you used a Ghosts of Somalia showed me how patriotic you are and compared to myself makes me unpatriotic because of what I have witnessed in my country over the past years.

Although I do still love Somalia that is where I belong no doubt and I always wish one day we will have a peace and prosperity towards Somali people wherever they are and I am also wishing every country around the globe to have peace and to live harmony each other, without no fighting or hate after all.

Yours sincerely,
Mohamed Ahmed Hassan
Mogadishu, Somalia

November 11, 2004