Christina A. Sharik


Cambodian Genocide by the Khmer Rouge: 1975
Cambodian Genocide by the Khmer Rouge: 1975
Man is the only mammal
who kills for pleasure
because of different
colors or beliefs, or creeds –

But you cannot blame
the leader only –
for followers are what
a leader needs…

If enough speak up in time,
and make the leader stop
there might not be the killings
from the bottom to the top………

and on and on and on –

till masses of the
people are simply
dead and gone……

From Cain and Able
and Gentile and Jew
From Serb to Croat

Who spoke up,
which few?

Did I?
Would you?

Would we hide our
Jewish friends, from Hitler’s
wartime fury?
my son asked
me one night.
Of course, we would, and
kissed his face
and then turned
out the light……
and lay awake
alone and thought
I wonder if I’m right.

I wondered in my soul
how brave I’d REALLY
be –
and how would I ever know………

The Power of One: Tiananmen Square Massacre 1989
The Power of One: Tiananmen Square Massacre 1989
In Tiananmen Square some years ago
One common man stood still
in front of a huge steel Army tank
with a simple briefcase, fear, and will……

and I thought, that’s how I’d like to be
It’s who I’d want to be –
as yet, thank God, no such chance
has been presented yet to me……

I’ll likely never be a hero
I’ll likely never save a life
I’m nothing but a writer
a mother, and a wife –

But if by circumstance someday,
that time should come around
I hope I can stand so still and wait –
and a screaming “NO” will be my sound…

From Genesis to Genocide

the battered world

goes ‘round.