Christina A. Sharik


My life has been bound up
with your life for years
I’ve watched you grow up
with my pride and my fears
My life and your life,
both twined together
since before you were born,
and on to Forever ~
I’m at peace; do not mourn.
I prayed for you, son,
when you went to war,
Now I’ve fought my battle,
and I fight no more ~
I know you will miss me,
as I have missed you
no matter what else,
I know this to be true.
You must move on.
I’ll look out for you;
as I’ve always done,
I’ll continue to do.
Remember me, son,
with a smile, if you will ~
and I’ll help you make it
up every steep hill.
I love you, my son,
and I’ll always be near
I’m with you in spirit,
for always, my dear.

Author’s Note: For Herb Neeland, a Vietnam Combat Medic