Christina A. Sharik


So sad
so tired
trudging through Life
in red mud, mired ~

what to do now?
No hope is left.
Your spirit is
and you are bereft.

Nothing is fair
nothing seems right;
you’re having nightmares
in broad, bright daylight……

Still, you have memories
and you have a friend,
and God has determined
it’s not yet your end.

Your time has not come yet,
you must soldier on.
You’re serving some purpose
before you are gone.

You have saved lies
and soothed a hot brow;
Let someone else
soothe your own heartache now.

I’m sending a prayer
and my good thoughts to you.
Breathe deeply of Life;
it is all that is true.

Author’s Note: For Mark I. Kirkmeyer, a 1st Gulf War Veteran