Christina A. Sharik


Kaziah Hancock
Kaziah Hancock
Under the starlight
of a dark Utah sky
She paints memories
not her own;
Rather, someone “Else’s” daughter,
someone “Else’s” son…
Killed in the War on Terror
in a far, unforgiving land.
She paints a camo uniform
and a smiling face
with loving eyes and
a steady hand –
Heaven surely has
a special place
For the one who paints
Memories not her own.
Once complete, she packs
the memory for transport,
and sends her “buddy” home
to proud, grieving parents
or loving wives –
Touching with oils and
soft, sable brush
far away, unknown lives.

Painting under warm, sunny
Utah skies
Quietly, a Heroine about her
mission goes…
and I have always thought
there are many different
kinds of heroes.

Author’s Note: Kaziah Hancock lives on a ranch with goats in Utah. She’s a painter, and has painted over 250 oil paintings of service men and women who have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. She paints, frames and ships them to the families with no charge, and will accept no money from the families.

Dear Christina (“Army Mom” Sharik,)

My name is Kenna – Kaziah calls me Kandy! I am her office manager and her assistant! She just read the poem you wrote and sent her out loud and then asked me to send you a thank you! You are great! That was awesome! I began to get tears in my eyes while she read it!

Kaziah is not a material person – she is a very generous and special lady! I know how lucky I am to have her in my life!

She just asked me to send you a “Thank you” for the beautiful poem! And, I wanted to tell you, you have a beautiful heart – as she does get a lot of letters and notes thanking her – but not often does she have me write a “Special Thank You” because of the artistic poem that you wrote for her!

Have a beautiful and safe day and feel free to keep in touch!

Sending our very best,
Kaziah and Kenna

Kenna Larson
Office Manager

Project Compassion
Kaziah Hancock/President
P.O. Box 153
3505 South 2480 West
Manti, Utah 84642