Christina A. Sharik

(Who Did Come Home)

John Lennon Brugiere, USMC
John Lennon Brugiere, USMC
I wish that I could stop the time
or make it go so slow
that you could always stay with me
and never, ever go.

But finally you go away
to join the others there
What is there for me to say
Except to say a prayer –

For me there is loneliness
nothing here that’s new
I have none of your discomforts
mine is that I’ve lost you.

I lie awake at night and think.
I wonder where you are
I pray to God that you are well
While you’re away, so far.

And so I live a type of life –
a life of hoping and of sorrow
a life of always wondering
and waiting –
waiting for tomorrow.

Author’s Note: For John Lennon Brugiere, USMC