Christina A. Sharik


Michael: First Haircut
My Son - Michael Reams
We were off to the barber
my young son and I

for his very first haircut ~
I thought I would cry –

The barber said “hi –
just hop up right here”
As I lifted him up,
I saw his first tear……

“Where’s his dad?”
asked the barber…

He’s in Vietnam.

How much is the haircut?
I asked, feeling numb

“It’s free,” said the barber ~
“it’s the least I can do,

for the Airman, the
young son, and most of all, you”

I looked at the
feathery hair on the floor
a glance back at blond curls
as I opened the door
and I thought to myself,
as we started to leave:

It’s the most expensive
haircut he’ll ever receive.

Author’s Note: For Michael