Christina A. Sharik


While his dad was trapped on Dunkirk
awaiting some relief,
his mom remained in England
relying on Belief:
belief and hope that he’d come home
that the battle would be won,
She prayed; but was a little afraid
for she carried “Dunkirk’s son”.

Within the time allotted
his dad was rescued from the beach;
his mother’s prayers were answered
for he was now within her reach
and in her arms, she held his son,
and oh, he was their special one.

And when the war had ended
and Life went daily on
the dad referred to baby as
his little Dunkirk Son.

The Dunkirk boy is now a man-
he’s also been to War
He writes today, with bitter tears
about this time “before” ~~~

The mother who waited in England,
for the man trapped on the beach
has passed beyond the soldier and
the Dunkirk’s son’s weak reach.

The old soldier now is broken;
the son’s armor has been breached
but the wife, the Dunkirk Mother
is waiting still, on any beach

If you stand on any sand dune
watching waves crash on the shore,
she will speak to you in sea spray-
she is as patient as before.

She waits calmly for her soldier
and for her Dunkirk boy;
She’s sorry for their sadness
for she is filled with joy –

She is not gone except on earth
it’s just you cannot see –
She can be heard at any seashore;
as my mother speaks to me.

Dunkirk Beach: Painting by D. Pentland
Dunkirk Beach: Painting by D. Pentland

Submitted for the September 2001 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “The Beach

This poem was written as a loving response to “Dunkirk Beach” ~ ©Copyright September 2, 2001 Colin F. Jones (Note: The International Date Line accounts for the apparent date anomaly)