Christina A. Sharik


What a year it’s been
and the things we’ve seen –
the War, and Bin Laden,
Saddam, and We’ve Got Him
My divorce and my sorrow
what happens tomorrow
It makes my head spin
to think of the shape
that my World is in…
Christmas is over,
a New Year will soon start;
and what of the soldiers
so dear to my heart?
What of the ones who
left, just today,
to serve in Baghdad, Iraq,
so far away?
What of the ones who
served long ago,
whose nightmares are back;
they’re still fighting, you know.
“An American Soldier was killed yesterday”
seems every morning
that’s what they say.
And just who are “they”?
On Christmas, they said
several soldiers are dead
No one dies on Christmas ~
Don’t they know the rules?
I wanted to slap those
reporters, the fools.
The Terror alert’s orange
they say that is high
and we’re to do what?
Say prayers and die?
I don’t think the duct tape
they told us to use
would do too much good
if someone lit a short fuse ~
and as for the “French”, why
didn’t they help?
French fries, now Freedom Fries?
I feel I could yelp!
Last year I thought my life
was on track
I was way off on that one
now that I look back
and I wonder now what
the future will bring
Where will I be
and will Saddam sing?
Duct tape and Freedom Fries
what’s the World coming to?
God Bless us all
the soldiers, and You