Christina A. Sharik


So, they’re sent to fight in Baghdad
they’re maimed – they were Reserves,
And now each takes a number
to get the treatment he deserves?
They’re back here in their homeland
crowded, hot, in pain
A two week wait for eye surgery
Six weeks for ortho treatment
and I repeat my first refrain
They fought their way to Baghdad
our children came back maimed,
and we just let them languish –
bare light bulbs and dripping faucets;
sad and filled with anguish.
If I hadn’t heard it on the news
I never would have known it
This country should take care of them;
then take the guilt, and own it.

Author’s Note: Based on the October 18, 2003 article, “Disposable Soldiers” posted by Gary Sudborough in the on-line newspaper