Christina A. Sharik


Christina A. Sharik: Dick and JaneWhen I was young and went to school
We learned to read with “Dick and Jane”
They had a dog named “Spot”, a cat named “Puff”
they had a dad and mom;
their perfect house was on a lane.

The sentences were simple, like “See Jane Skip”
or “See Spot Run” or “Dad is done” –
I grew up and became a Mom
Life wasn’t like Dick and Jane
nothing was simple and I never had
a little white house on the lane.

I had a husband and a son
and here and there, a pet
but somewhere, somehow
it just became mom and son
and the times I can’t forget.

See Mom go to Hospital
and give birth to baby boy.
See Mom lie in Hospital
with no Dad to share the joy.
See Mom find the letter that
Dad had written to another;
A letter Dad had written
while she became a Mother.

See the Dad go off to War.
See him rarely write.
See the baby go to sleep
See Mom lie awake all night.
See the Dad come home from War.
See Mom smile, so sad.

See the Son toddle and talk
and see the Daddy mad.
Daddy didn’t like his job.
Mommy couldn’t help.
See Daddy want to get away
See Mommy by herself.

See the Mommy go to work
See Son not want her to go
But off he went to Nursery School.
See Mom worry so.
See the Son begin to grow
into a bright, young boy.

See Mom’s pride and worry
mixed with love and joy.
See the Mom sign the paper
that sent the Son away.
See the Son become a Soldier
and see him leave one day.

See Mom burst with pride.
See him when he left the States.
See Mom cry inside.
See the Son go other places
where people have such foreign faces.
See Mom pray at night for him.

See Mom wait for “leave” again.
See Son marry; become a Dad.
See Mom’s pride in all she had.
See the Son live far away
See Mom miss him every day.
See them grow apart at last.
See them sad about the past.

See Son angry at the Mom.
See Mom angry, too.
See Dick and Jane’s
story have a happy ending.
See Mom and Son have a rift
that finally ends with mending.