Christina A. Sharik


No one shot at me
(except verbally)
No one told me I was a veteran
(only that I wasn’t one)
No one told me I was welcome –
I served in peace time –
I served in a “conflict”
not a war.
How dare you minimize me?

You were not there
You did not feel or see
the things I did –
Remember, you might be working
with a Veteran;
you might not know
what she felt, so
long ago.

It was not “declared”
(the “war” you know)
It was just a little “conflict” –
a confrontation.

Screw it all
and so much for
a Grateful Nation.

Inside I’m proud
Inside I know
just what I was –

I was a Woman
and a veteran
and so much more.

So I declare
I’ve been to War.