Christina A. Sharik

(For Daniel Pocius)

Determined, dependable, dear friend
Adult, with a penchant for “toys”
Intelligent and inventive
Expressive, ever and always “there”
Lost to us, too soon

Nite nite, Sirviven, never good-bye
Enjoy your front seat ride to the sky –
Good night Dan, wherever you are
on your way to your planet, a
bright shining star.

Author’s Note: Dan, a former Marine who served in Vietnam, died on Thanksgiving Evening, November 22, 2001, at the age of 56. He was my friend

By way of explanation, Sirviven was Dan’s list nickname, and he was a Klingon re-enactor – he used to say he wished he could have a star. He was also a roller coaster devotee, and loved to ride in the front seat – thus those references in the poem.