Christina A. Sharik

(For SuzyQ)

He wondered to himself ~~
Who’s that lady with my wife?
Can that be my little girl ~~
a toddler when I lost my life?

Yes, that’s her, I know it is.
But who’s the little child?
Can it be my grandbaby?
Ah, she has her mommy’s smile.

(Men, I think I need a break
from the business of this Wall.
It’s difficult to see them
when I cannot hug them all.

I never thought that it would be
as hard as this, he said…
I didn’t think that I would know
such feelings, ‘tho I’m dead.)

Remember, you’ll be resting soon,
said all the older ones ~
the only time you’ll feel these things
is when somebody comes.

Their smiles and tears and
can resurrect my soul ~
and for a little while, it
almost seems that I am whole.

I gaze thru this black panel
as crystal clear as day ~
and hear the things my wife says;
I hear my daughter pray ~

and the baby reaches through the void,
puts her hand against my heart ~
and when my tears begin to flow,
she just feels raindrops start.

Once more, I’ll slumber peacefully,
dreamless in the night
I’ll awaken when they come again;
they are my shining light.