Christina A. Sharik


Where to put the roses?
I only have the 3.
Look at the names –
58,000 names
surrounding me.
Who shall get a rose
a rose – a yellow rose from me…?

I stood there for the longest time
and pondered who they were
and where they died
who they might have been
and then –
one-third of the way between the panels,
I placed a single rose
on which I’d placed a sweet soft kiss
for all of those
no more in human form,
who live within our hearts,
the hearts that keep their
Memory warm.

I felt that they were smiling,
that they knew that we were there.
We are ok; they seemed to say –
don’t worry so – for we are young
the same today as yesterday –
each one of us can see the rose
no matter where you place it…
it only matters that you came
to this Black Wall; to face it.

I felt utter peace and love
as I knelt to place a flower;
Never have I felt such peace
or love and healing power.
So I left the yellow roses
and I wandered on my way
and until now, I could not find
the words to have my say…

They are as alive as they were then,
they are young, and yes, they’re free.
The only thing they need from us
is our fondest memory.