Christina A. Sharik


Lady LibertyI am the
Lady Liberty

Come to me,
With a willingness
To learn, to work
To be free

I remind you, now,
That all of this
Comes with a heavy price:
When you sail
Into my harbor
From your country
Near or far ~
Make sure
You know
What you are coming for

Many a good man
And a good woman, too,
Left this harbor for foreign Lands
To protect me and you.
So, enter ~
This is a wonderful
And complicated place
I will welcome you
With seasoned grace
And ask that you
Do the things
That are right, and true

Come to me
With what you can give,
Not what
You can take
From me
If you agree,
You are the people
We are looking for;

Come from across the sea
And help to keep this
country free ~
would you die for me?

I will welcome you
With my lamp held high
With my arm upraised
To the heavens and sky

Will my borders
Be more secure
Because of you?

If you can answer
In the affirmative

Then you will be
As other people
Were before……..

You may enter
Through the harbor door

And spend your life
Working for this
Country and her
Freedoms, from
Shore to shore……

This country, with all
Her flaws
Is worth defending
In any cause.

Come to me,
But legally;
Decide to make a home
Raise your children
Be a citizen; fight
The fight to remain free.

Come to me.