Christina A. Sharik


They could not know
that Hell was cold
with iron ground;
young men grown old

They did not know
but soon would learn
that blood would freeze
and wind could burn.

Back home, at last
with no parade,
no tickertape
no fuss was made ~

bitterness took root
and anger claimed
a place in hearts ~
a rage unnamed………

The Forgotten War,
some call it now
National Korean Veterans Memorial: Washington DC
Photograph ©Copyright June 2004 by Anthony W. Pahl
But we knew better.
We knew how,

they suffered, and bled,
fought and died
and on each other,
they relied.

They did not know,
but soon would learn
That blood could freeze
and wind could burn.

They did not know
that Hell was cold,
with iron ground ~
these men grown old.

Author’s Note: For the Korean War Veterans