Christina A. Sharik


I spoke with my son this evening;
he said the Base held a parade in
honor of the change of command ~
Up early,
Full dress uniform, hot,
wait in line,
form up,
wait in line,
till it’s finally time……
stand straight, stand tall ~
It was somewhat impressive,
after all ~

Mom, he said, it was really great
they had Nam vets and old
soldiers up front
and the people in the stands
gave them a standing ovation ~
You would have loved it, Mom,
you would have been so proud of
the way the people clapped for them ~


I smiled to myself,
as he described the parade
for Change of Command,
held under a hot June sun;
this young man who marched
with “the Namvets and old soldiers” ~
waiting, standing tall
so impressive, after all….
He thought I would be so proud of them;
I hope he knows how
very proud I am of him.

Author’s Note: For Michael