Christina A. Sharik

Spc David J. Babineau
Spc David J. Babineau

PFC Kristian Menchaca
PFC Kristian Menchaca

PFC Thomas L. Tucker
PFC Thomas L. Tucker

Don’t you tell me
they are here about him!

Those uniformed soldiers,
looking so grim

I’ll turn right around
so they can’t see my face

when they give me the news
from that terrible place.

The Child of my heart
has gone home to my God

but I want him here
on our homeland’s sweet sod.

When will he be here?
Will he be in a casket?

That’s a horror-stoked question
but I just have to ask it –

Do you think that he suffered
Did he cry out for me

Oh, God, can you tell us;
Will his death make men free?

Tonight, in the darkness,
I will sleep in his bed

My head on the pillow
that pillowed his head

and I’ll scream in agony
but no one will hear

I want my child back!
I want him here;

He can then rest
and it won’t be too soon

But his blood is imprinted
on yesterday’s moon.

In Loving Memory of Spc David J. Babineau, PFC Kristian Menchaca, and PFC Thomas L. Tucker. Eternal Leave Granted June 16, 2006