Christina A. Sharik

Birds and Barbed WireBIRDS AND BARBED WIRE

I never thought of birds and barbed wire
as symbolic of anything.

I don’t like barbed wire
for any reason.

It disturbs me.
While keeping out the bad
it keeps the creatures in

I don’t like it
no matter what
the season.

The connotation of the wire
the configuration
the first impression, at
least to me

sharp, pain, razors
do not touch
keep out

which is, of course,
what the Wire is all about.

But the Dove, which is the
symbol everywhere, of

doesn’t care for wire either.

And then I saw this
picture of the Mourning Dove
resting among the barbs

and I thought
it was appropriate.

The mourning doves ~
might they be the symbol
of the sadness of the
loss of life
in war time?

Keeping at bay the
horrors, while
keeping all the love
for the dead ones

I took a look again.

No, nothing is kept in
and nothing is kept out ~
those things that are intangible –

Honor and courage and
a mother’s head held high
a father’s glance upward
to the sky
those things move easily
among the wire

It’s just a mourning dove
resting on a wire.

No more, no less.

But still, I asked of God
that he turn his shining countenance
upon the soldier and his
loved ones………

To them all, I say,
God Bless.