Christina A. Sharik


We must do more
than display
yellow ribbons
round the old oak tree ~

It’s still a good thing
to do for you
and me
but it’s not enough –
not anymore

When our men
and women go back
and forth
again and again
to the same
unforgiving foreign shore ~~

We need to
send the snacks, send
the care packages,
send the phone cards,
send the cards
and letters
and e-mails and
whatever else they need……

Such a little thing
to do for those who
might be lonely,
who could be wounded and

So, those of you
in Harm’s Way –
and those of you
in support positions,
and those of you
who are wounded
and those of you
who are in need
of a smile or an
e-mail or a letter ~

I will keep sending
and writing
and e-mailing
and packing
and baking
and whatever ~

My yellow ribbons still
in fact, they’re
getting a little
tattered ~

Still, I need
to do something
besides hang some
yellow ribbons;
it’s such a good feeling
to have done something
for those who mattered.